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Sloppy Seconds "You Can't Kill Joey Ramone" 7"


I have a few distributor returns, and literally 4 or 5 copies on black and a few on white. Not to be repressed.

Just in time for Joey Ramone’s birthday, here’s a limited tribute single from the kings of junk rock. “YOU CAN’T KILL JOEY RAMONE” on side A hails from SLOPPY SECONDS’ latest full length ENDLESS BUMMER and according to juicycerebellum.com is “the best fucking song Sloppy Seconds has done in 15 years.” Flip it over to side B for an unreleased cover of “CAN’T STAND ROCK AND ROLL” by the ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE, easily far catchier and faster than the original.

Bass – Bo’Ba Jam
Drums – Steve Sloppy
Guitar – Ace Hardwhere?*
Vocals [Yells] – B.A. (5)